Muir, does she speak the truth.
— Beith to Muir

Beith is the embittered leader of the eight dwarves in Snow White and the Huntsman. He is an old acquaintance of the Huntsman's and knows how tricky Eric can be. His right-hand man is Nion.

Beith and his clan encounter and capture Snow White and Eric, while they are fleeing from the Queen's men. The clan attempts to kill the two human intruders and Beith recognizes Eric. When Snow White questions if the clan has any love for the Queen, Beith informs her that they do not. As the dwarves lost everything on the day the King died, whom Snow White reveals to have been her father. Beith asks Muir, whether Snow White is speaking the truth, and Muir confirms that she is. Upon discovering that she is the princess, the clan releases her and Eric, and then ally themselves with Snow White.

The Dwarves and The Huntsman

The dwarves are joined by Eric on their quest.

Later on, the clan takes Snow White and Eric to a part of the Dark Forest that is still enchanting and, which the dwarves call "The Sanctuary". Upon entry, Snow White approaches the mythical White Hart and the gentle creature bows before her, blessing her. When Eric tries to follow her, Beith stops him, as the scene before them is one that none other have ever witnessed. Muir then says that the princess is life itself and that she has been chosen to heal the land. The dwarves then make they're decision, wherever she shall lead, they will follow, and aid her in the Ultimate Battle against The Evil Queen.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Who is she?" - Beith to Eric.
  • "We have no love for the Queen!" - Beith to Snow White.
  • "Muir, does she speak the truth." - Beith to Muir.
  • "No, no, Huntsman. Nobody's ever seen this before." - Beith to Eric.
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