Dwarves are a sentient species who play a significant role in both Snow White and the Huntsman and The Huntsman: Winter’s War. They are wise, proud and loyal beings who inhabit the land of Tabor and oppose the rule of Queen Ravenna.

Snow White and the Huntsman - "Captured by The Dwarves"

Snow White and the Huntsman - "Captured by The Dwarves"

Physical Appearance Edit

Dwarves are very similar to humans in appearance, but are much shorter on average. Male dwarves often have a lot of facial hair, growing long beards.

Behaviour and Society Edit

Dwarves have a society centred around fighting and mining. It is mentioned that before Ravenna’s rule, the dwarves had friendly relations with humans and held respect for King Magnus, possibly suggesting they may have lived under human laws. After Ravenna usurped the throne however, the dwarves were persecuted and driven from their homes. The few dwarves remaining live in the forest, travelling in small bands and doing whatever jobs they can to survive.

Ravenna’s actions have made the dwarves wary and suspicious of outsiders, but they are fiercely loyal to one another and to those they regard as allies, being willing to lay down their lives in defence of their family and friends. Dwarves also hold a close bond to nature and believe in a prophecy that there will be one destined to defeat Ravenna and restore peace and harmony to the land. It is hinted that dwarves are known for their skill as healers and they also seem to be skilled warriors. However, they do not seem practise magic (or at the very least, the dwarves depicted thus far do not practise magic). Dwarves have respect for their elders, looking to them for leadership and guidance. It is implied that dwarves traditionally cremate their dead on pyres; they burn the deceased’s possessions with them and honour them with a song.

Given Ravenna’s harsh treatment of the dwarves and Queen Freya’s mocking comments that are “like children”, dwarves sometimes experience prejudice and discrimination from some humans, though others are accepting of them.

Snow White and the Huntsman Edit

Whilst travelling through the forest, Snow White and Eric are captured in a net by a band of dwarves. After learning they have no love for Ravenna, Snow White reveals she is the daughter of the late king Magnus. This prompts the dwarves to release them and escort them to Sanctuary, the home of the fairies where they might find temporary refuge. The dwarves bond with snow White and later witness her interacting with the White Hart, leading the dwarves to conclude she is one destined to save the land. They vow to follow her wherever she goes and protect her with their lives.

When Finn and his troops attack the group, the dwarves manage to defeat them, though the youngest, Gus, is killed protecting Snow White. The dwarves hold a funeral that night, burning his body and mourning him before leaving to escort Snow White to Duke Hammond’s castle. Along the way, Snow White is tricked and seemingly fatally poisoned by Ravenna. Eric begs the dwarves to help her using their knowledge of healing, but they silently express there is nothing they can do and watch in grief as she dies. They fulfil their vow by bringing the princess’s body to Duke Hammond and later witness her miraculous resurrection.

The dwarves are integral to the plan to assault the royal castle, with they infiltrating the castle via the sewers and bringing up the portcullis so that Hammond’s troops can enter. Along with Eric and William, the dwarves battle Ravenna’s dark fay whilst Snow White takes on Ravenna herself. After Ravenna’s death, they attend Snow White’s coronation.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War Edit

At Snow White’s request, the dwarf Nion and his half brother Gryff agree to help Eric take the Magic Mirror to the Sanctuary. Along the way, they are joined by two other dwarves, Bromwyn and Doreena. They battle against Freya, the Ice Queen of the North and her army of Huntsmen, as well as a resurrected Ravenna. Nion and Doreena are both frozen by Freya’s ice magic, but are later revived following Freya’s death and re-join their victorious friends at her ice palace. 

Known Dwarves Edit