Eric! Run!
— Eric's mother to her son

Eric's mother is a minor character in The Huntsman: Winter's War. She was the mother of Eric the Huntsman. She is portrayed by Madeleine Worrall.

Biography Edit

Eric's mother lived in a village in the North with her son. When Freya's soldiers invaded the village to kidnap children and train them as Huntsmen, Eric's mother attempted to run to Eric, presumably in an effort to protect him but was grabbed by a soldier. She struggled against her captor and upon spotting Eric, screamed for him to run. Unfortunately, Eric was captured, whilst his mother was roughly thrown to the ground and killed by her attacker.

Personality Edit

Very little is known about Eric's mother, due to her only having a brief appearance, but she clearly loved her son and attempted to protect him. She appeared to be unafraid for her own life, trying to fight off the soldiers, with her sole concern being Eric's safety.

Trivia Edit

  • The fate of Eric's mother is, by a tragic irony, very similar to the fate of Freya's own mother - killed by the forces of an invading monarch and her children taken captive.