Eric the Huntsman was a famous character in Snow White and the Huntsman and The Huntsman: Winter's War and The Huntsman and the New Golden Mirror. He is the husband of Sara the Warrior, who insisted to Eric asking him if he wanted to fight. The Huntsman fled away from Sara and hidden in the Calcurnia Forest, because he didn't want to fight in other battles anymore. He is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth.

Eric the Huntsman
AK The Huntsman
Status Alive
Type of character Human
Portrayer Chris Hemsworth

Eric's Story Edit

Eric didn't want to fight anymore. When he fled away, Sara did not get angry because of leaving her. Eric was not sure of what he has done was forgiveable. He did terrible and horrifying things and decided to rectify and to fight against the New Golden Empire, created by Snow White the Golden Queen. Eric fled to a very far away place near Calcurnia Forest and started to read.