Finn is the secondary antagonist of Snow White and the Huntsman. He is the brother of Queen Ravenna and the Ice Queen Freya and helped the former in her quest to seize kingdoms. He is portrayed by Sam Spruell, with Elliot Reeve portraying the young Finn.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Finn lived with his mother and sisters in a small village as a child. One day, the king of the land raided the village, separating Finn and his sisters from their mother - it's implied she was killed. As a result, Finn and his sisters lived in poverty. When Ravenna's power as a sorceress began to grow, she plotted to conquer several kingdoms, seeking vengeance upon the world for what had happened to her. Finn, apparently resentful of the world too, was only too happy to support his sister in her plans, serving as her ally and second-in-command. However, Finn is absent during Ravenna's earlier reign, where Freya was shown to be her companion. It is unknown where Finn was during this time - he may have been separated from his sisters, deliberately chose to estrange himself from them for reasons unknown or he may have been running errands elsewhere for Ravenna.

Snow White and the Huntsman[edit | edit source]

Finn secretly leads Ravenna's human army to the castle gates when she invades Tabor. Ravenna lets him in and they greet each other warmly. Finn captures Ravenna's young stepdaughter, Princess Snow White, as she is trying to flee. Finn continues to serve Ravenna faithfully for the next ten years, attempting to suppress Duke Hammond's rebellion. When Ravenna learns that Snow White has surpassed her as the 'Fairest of them All', she orders Finn to bring her stepdaughter to her so as to consume her heart. Finn does as his sister asks, but Snow White cuts his face badly with a rusty nail, then escapes into the Dark Forest. Ravenna is furious with her brother's failure but Finn convinces her to hire Eric, one of the very few to survive the Dark Forest, to track her down.

My sister has many powers. She can take life away or sustain it. But she can't bring your wife back from the dead you FOOL!
— Finn reveals to Eric that Ravenna deceived him.

Unfortunately, when they find Snow White, Eric demands to have his wife, Sara, returned to him as per his bargain with Ravenna, and holds his axe to Snow White's throat. Fearing that the Huntsman will kill the Princess before he can bring her to his sister, Finn tells Eric that while Ravenna has various abilities, she cannot bring back the dead. Enraged, Eric releases Snow White and attacks Finn and his men. However, Finn loses Snow White and fights Eric, who defeats him, before running into the forest. Left in the illusionary fog of the forest, Finn screamed out that he would make Eric pay. He then hires several mercenaries to hunt them down, and William manages to join the group. When Snow White is found, William turns against Finn.

Later, as the protagonists head to The Duke's Castle, Finn attacks the Dwarves and once again battles Eric. An intense fight ensues but this time, Finn gains the upper hand and overpowers the huntsman. Finn sadistically taunts him about his wife, saying she "screamed for him" before she died. Vengeful and full of rage, Eric overwhelms Finn and kills him by impaling the man on a broken tree trunk. Finn begs Ravenna to heal him with her magic, but Ravenna, sensing Finn's death, says she can't save him, and tearfully leaves him to die.

Personality[edit | edit source]

I remember them all! Especially the ones with fight. She screamed your name, but you weren't there. Now you can beg her forgiveness in the other world.
— Finn taunting Eric about raping Sara.

Finn was a sadistic and cold man, who had no qualms about killing when he was capable of doing so. Finn both feared and adored his sister, but for unknown reasons he did not have her powers of magic and only her abilities of immortality. He was a misogynist and noted to have killed, raped and bullied several women in his life. Finn was also fierce-tempered, shown after he loses his first fight with Eric and when he argues with Ravenna when she accuses him of disloyalty. Finn was afraid of death, shown in his last moments when he begs for his sister to heal him.

Finn amongst his men

Powers/Abilities[edit | edit source]

Finn seems to have been granted a few powers by his sister, as he is much faster and stronger than an ordinary man and is capable of taking considerable injuries that would kill a normal man, such as an axe to the stomach. But he is not invincible as Eric is able to kill him by forcing him into a broken tree and, despite the Queen's attempts to keep him alive, she is unable to sustain his life. Unlike his sisters, Finn does not seem to have any innate magical abilities. Despite his advanced age, Finn was an exceptionally skilled in close-range combat. He was an expert with all conventional weaponry, particularly an axe or a sword. Finn showed surprising dexterity for his age, shown when he endures being kicked in the side by Eric and being able to agilely dodge the latter's attacks during their second fight.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ravenna[edit | edit source]

Ravenna, Finn's sister

Finn loved his sister and was completely loyal to her. She appeared to be only person - and the only woman at that - who he respected and obeyed, though he seemed somewhat afraid of her too. Some of Finn's interactions with her, such as watching her bathe and kissing her shoulder, and his devotion to her, subtly suggest he may harbour incestuos feelings towards Ravenna, though this is not explicitly implied and Ravenna apparently does not reciprocate them, should they exist. Finn was sometimes frustrated by Ravenna's emotional outbursts towards him and seeming lack of gratitude, at one point shrieking at her that everything he did was for her. In spite of this, Finn remained faithful to Ravenna, doing anything she asked of him. However, Ravenna ultimately betrayed Finn, as when he was fatally injured, she ignored his pleas and let him die, apologizing. In his dying moments, Finn seemed to accept this, though he seemed hurt by his sister's abandonment of him after all he had done to help her over the years.

Freya[edit | edit source]

Finn and Freya are never seen interacting together, but they presumably loved one another. Finn appeared to closer to his eldest sister however.

Snow White[edit | edit source]

Finn seemed to lust after Snow white, as she notes that he often stands outside her cell and watches her. However, in accordance to Ravenna's wishes, Finn never touched her. This is further demonstrated when Finn sat next to Snow White on her bed and touched her abdomen (above her clothes). He did not care about what happened to her, as he was more than happy to deliver Snow White to his sister to have her heart consumed and even taunted her about it. He is infuriated when Snow White scars his face and flees, and become hellbent on re-capturing her.

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