Freya's daughter (who's real name is not revealed) is a minor, yet important character in The Huntsman: Winter's War. She was the infant daughter of Freya and the Duke of Blackwood and the niece of Ravenna and Finn.

The Huntsman: Winter's War Edit

Conception Edit

Freya fell pregnant with her daughter after having a love affair with the Duke of Blackwood. Upon discovering she was pregnant, Freya's sister Ravenna warned her that the Duke was already engaged and that he would probably deny that the child was his. Freya, however, was faithful that the Duke loved her and would be happy to discover he was a father. Not long after, Ravenna was told by the Magic Mirror that Freya's daughter would grow to become more beautiful than her aunt. This frightened Ravenna, who had been warned by her late mother that the spell which maintained her youth and power could be undone by one of "fairest blood".

Mirror also prophesied that, should her daughter die, Freya would unleash a power "like none the world had seen", whereas previously Freya had exhibited no magical abilities. Although she seemed troubled and conflicted by the prospect, Ravenna concluded that the only way to save herself and unlock her sister's powers was to kill Freya's daughter.

Birth and Death Edit

Freya adored her daughter once she was born. She was kept in a nursery in the castle tower and Freya rarely left her alone. However, one night, when the baby was only a few weeks old, Freya was lured away from the nursery, after receiving a note supposedly from the baby's father, claiming he wanted to be with her and asking to meet her outside (it is not clear, but highly possible that Ravenna deliberately forged this note). Ravenna then places a spell on the infant's father, the Duke, that allows Ravenna to control him. She gives the Duke a flaming torch and orders him to kill his own daughter. The Duke, powerless, does as Ravenna bids and starts a fire in the nursery, resulting in the little girl's death. When Freya sees the nursery aflame, she races upstairs to save her daughter, only to discover she is too late. Overcome with grief, Freya unleashes her previously dormant ice powers and freezes the Duke, no doubt believing he murdered their daughter to cover up their affair.

Legacy Edit

As a result of her terrible loss, Freya flees and founds her own kingdom, becoming convinced that love is a weakness and forbidding her army of Huntsmen from falling in love because of this. She is also shown to have constructed a crib made of ice in her private rooms and occasionally sit by it and caresses it as a form of comfort. Ravenna's attempt to divert the prophecy also proves to be fruitless, as her own stepdaughter, Snow White, grows to become the 'Fairest of Them all' and ultimately succeeds in killing Ravenna, though she is later resurrected. Many years after her daughter's death, Freya finally learns the truth - that it was Ravenna who was truly responsible. Freya later helps to defeat her wicked sister, avenging her daughter's murder. After being mortally wounded, Freya sees a vision of her younger self with her daughter before dying.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if Freya's daughter, had she lived, would truly have been able to defeat Ravenna (or if she would even have wanted to, given they were family).
  • It's possible that Freya's daughter may have inherited her mother's magical abilities, as thus far, all the women in Freya's family have displayed innate powers.
  • Given Freya's dying vision and the distinct possibility of there being life after death in the film's universe, it's possible Freya was reunited with her daughter in the afterlife.