Long ago after King Arthur pulled the sword Excalibur from the Stone he became ruler

The king with his guard

King Magnus decendant of King Arthur

of Wales and England and its castel Camelot.He and his Knights of round tabel always patrollled the borders of his knigdom and made strong alliance with Dun Broch kingdom in Scotland.King Arthur know Great king but also Great Warrior he had to beacuse outside of his borders ,Morgana la Fay ( daughter of Madam Mim ) Evil Witch and her brother Modred many times fought with King Arthur,Knights and Merlin.In 2 movie the main villans whould be Morgana,Modred and her dark army of monsters,the Ancient Book of Monsters whould be abel to summon the Supreme Evil Chernabog.So there whould be 3 movies about King Arthur 1 Sword in the Stone,2 Ouest for Camelot,and 3 Legend Reborn.1 movie Sword in the Stone whould be based upon disney cartoon movie while 2 and 3 movies whould be of King Arthur,Merlin,Knights and 3 apreantices fighting Morgana,Morderd and there army. _ This will tell us that Snow white is actually a Long decendant of King Arthur while Ravenna,Freya and Finn are from line of Morgana.This events whould eventually lead to Snow White and The huntsman,The huntsman Winters war and 3 movie callde The huntsman and 7 Dwarfs and after that from King Arthur trilogy it whould lead to Sorcerers Apreantice 2010 movie and its seguel.