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King Magnus is the father of Snow White and the widower of Queen Eleanor. He was the King of Tabor, before being murdered by his second wife, Ravenna, who then took over his kingdom. He is portrayed by Noah Huntley.

History Edit

Magnus became King of Tabor at some point in his life - it is very possible that his own parents had ruled Tabor before him.

He took as his wife a beautiful, wise, and compassionate Queen named Eleanor, whom he loved dearly. The couple eventually had a daughter named Snow White, his only child and heir, whom he adored as dearly as he did his wife.

Magnus was presumably a good King, as Tabor prospered under his reign, and even after his death, his memory was beloved and respected by many, especially his daughter. He considered Duke Hammond to be a trusted friend and advisor.

Snow White & The Huntsman Edit

Magnus was left inconsolable after his beloved wife, Eleanor, died of illness. Shortly after, he received word of his kingdom being invaded by a dark and mysterious army. Despite his grief, Magnus managed to amass his army and set out to meet the threat.

While Magnus and his men managed to defeat the Dark Army, they realised that it consisted solely of enchanted creatures made from obsidian. It was then that he realised this mysterious army had apparently taken a prisoner: an extremely mysterious, but also extremely beautiful young woman named Ravenna. Magnus gave Ravenna his word that she would come to no harm from him or his men, proceeded to free her from her chains, and took her back to his castle.

However, Ravenna's beauty was so enchanting that it caused Magnus to forget - for the first time - his broken heart and, coupled with the intense loneliness stemming from his first wife's death, he becomes infatuated with her and decides to marry her. Ravenna accepts, and the wedding was planned to be held on the very next day. Unfortunately, this proves to be a terrible mistake on Magnus' part.

While attempting to make love to his new Queen, Magnus discovers that Ravenna has managed to poison him, and was behind the invasion all along. Ravenna stabs him in the heart with a dagger to finish him off and seizes control of the castle, usurping the throne and mercilessly slaughtering anyone who opposed her. His body was later seen by Snow White.

Ravenna also imprisoned Magnus' daughter, Snow White, high up in the North Tower. Under her rule, which was described as so poisonous that nature turned on itself and people turned on each other, Tabor fell into despair and death. However, Magnus' memory was not so easily forgotten: his old friend, Duke Hammond, had successfully escaped and started up a rebellion in his name, though it was initially not very successful.

Ten years after his death, Snow White managed to escape and eventually killed Ravenna, thus avenging her father's murder and taking her rightful place as his successor.


Magnus appeared to be a competent and benevolent ruler, who inspired great loyalty and respect in his subjects, even after his death. He was a brave and noble man, leading his army into battle to defend his kingdom, in spite of his on-going grief over Eleanor's death, and treating Ravenna with kindness. In addition, Magnus seems to have been a devoted family man; he adored his wife and was devastated by her loss, and was close to his daughter, Snow White.

However, Magnus was perhaps somewhat gullible, given how easily Ravenna was able to manipulate him. He rashly decided to marry her despite barely knowing her, and blindly trusting her lead to his death. That being said, it should be noted that at the time, Magnus was still lonely and grieving for his first wife, and so may not have been in his right state of mind. Ravenna is also a consummate sorceress and seductress, who has had years of practice in enchanting and deceiving men, and took advantage of Mangus's emotional vulnerability and generous heart.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Magnus is a rather fitting one, as it has been borne by several real kings in history, including seven kings of Norway and three kings of Sweden.