The Magic Mirror, also referred to simply as The Mirror is a magical artifact that plays a large role in Snow White and the Huntsman and The Huntsman: Winter's War. It appears to be sentient to a certain degree and possesses the ability to answer any question asked of it with nothing but the absolute truth; it also seems to have several other abilities. The Mirror was owned by Queen Ravenna and was vital to many of her plots.

Physical appearance Edit

The Magic Mirror resembles a very large, golden disc with a flat, reflective surface. It has what appears to be runes carved around the edge of the mirror. It's not clear what material the Mirror is made from - it appears to be polished gold, but it can broken like glass. It's possible it is made from a magical material or that's it's appearance is due to it's supernatural nature.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Mirror has many magical abilities - the full extent of which may be unknown. Most notably, the Mirror has the power to answer any question with complete truth - by extent, it can predict the future. It seems to manifest this an entity known only as the Mirror Man. The Mirror claims it only ever speaks the truth and so far, this have been proved correct. A person can also encase their spirit inside the Mirror and thus become part of it. They can manipulate the Mirror's powers to communicate with other people and even influence their minds, provided it is in close proximity to these people. It is unknown if the Mirror can do this of its own accord or it must be inhabited by a spirit. A magic user can also free and resurrect a spirit from the Mirror, using the correct spell. After that, however, the resurrected person is still technically a part of the Mirror, meaning they can be injured or even permanently killed should the Mirror be damaged. The Mirror can also create a projection of past events. It is theorised - though never proven - that the Mirror's dark powers can only be suppressed in the Sanctuary. That being said, the Mirror's entity appears to be neutral rather than truly evil and it's primary ability - to answer any question with nothing but the truth - is not really inherently evil. Therefore, it's possible that the Mirror itself is not 'evil' - it is the way it is used by its owner. The Mirror is not impervious to damage from heavy objects - such as an axe - and can also be damaged by extremely cold temperatures, such as magically-generated ice.

History Edit

It is unknown who made the Mirror, where it came from or when it was made. It would seem it possesses a dark power and that only those with magic can use it, which would suggest a dark magic-user constructed it. Eventually, the Mirror came into the possession of the sorceress Ravenna, who brought the Mirror wherever she went and used its powers to aid her in conquering various kingdoms. The Mirror told Ravenna that her niece would grow to become fairer than her and that, she should die, the child's mother, Freya would unleash a power "like none the world had seen." The first part of the prophecy prompted Ravenna to kill Freya's daughter and frame her lover, the Duke of Blackwood, for it, thus causing the second part of the prophecy to come true: upon realising her daughter was dead and believing the Duke had betrayed her, Freya's overwhelming grief caused her long-dormant powers of cryokinesis to awaken.

Years later, Ravenna took the Mirror with her to Tabor, where she had it installed in her private rooms in the castle after murdering her new husband King Magnus and usurping the throne. She immediately asked the Mirror whom the fairest of them all was, to which it told her that she remained the fairest. Ten years afterwards, the Mirror told Ravenna on the eighteenth birthday of her stepdaughter, Snow White, that the princess had now surpassed her as the fairest and had the power to defeat her. However, it also predicted that should Ravenna consume her heart, she would be all-powerful, for all eternity. This never came to pass, because, as the Mirror had predicted, Snow White fatally wounded Ravenna and took back her throne. Ravenna physically died, but was able to transfer her spirit into the Mirror, though she became trapped. She was able to use the Mirror to torment Snow White, who initially kept it locked away, having no use for it herself (and perhaps being incapable of using it).

When the Mirror's dark and forbidding presence grew too strong, Snow White ordered it be taken to the Sanctuary, believing the good magic of the place would be able to suppress the Mirror's evil. Unfortunately, the Mirror was able to influence the guards escorting it and caused them to turn on each other. King William tasked Eric the Huntsman and the dwarves with finding the Mirror and bringing it to the Sanctuary, but it was intercepted by Freya, who sought the Mirror's powers for herself. The Mirror was taken to the throne room of Freya's ice palace, where she was compelled to recite the spell that resurrected her sister Ravenna from the Mirror. Freya later forced Ravenna to use the Mirror and reveal to her what she had done to "make her strong" - the Mirror showed Freya a vision from the past, revealing how Ravenna put a spell of the Duke to control him and forced him to kill his and Freya's daughter. Whilst battling Ravenna, Freya used her powers to freeze the Mirror, damaging it and weakening Ravenna. Eric was able to hurl his axe at the Mirror, causing it to shatter, seemingly killing Ravenna a second time and destroying the Mirror permanently. That being said, a golden raven can briefly be seen flying away, thus suggesting that some fragment of the Mirror - and by extension, Ravenna's spirit - may have survived.