Ravenna's dagger was a weapon owned by Ravenna. It plays a reasonably significant role in Snow White and the Huntsman. Ravenna is also often shown with the dagger in promotional posters or images for the film.

Physical appearance Edit

The dagger has a long, steel blade, that curves at the end, with a slight serration, giving it a talon-like appearance. It's hilt is dark grey, with a gold, speckled pattern. The dagger's sheath was dark grey leather, with silver fitting at each end.

History Edit

It is unknown when Ravenna obtained the dagger (she does not appear to have it in the prequel scenes of The Huntsman: Winter's War, suggesting she got it some time after this). Ravenna slipped the dagger into King Magnus' chambers on their wedding night. After poisoning Magnus to incapacitate him, Ravenna used the dagger to finish him off, stabbing him in the chest with it. Years later, Ravenna attempted twice to use the dagger to kill her stepdaughter, Snow White. The first time, she was interrupted by Eric and William. The second time, during Duke Hammond's assault on the castle, Ravenna tried again to use the dagger against Snow White whilst she had her pinned to the floor, but using a move Eric had taught her earlier, Snow White is able to block the dagger and stabs Ravenna with her own knife, mortally wounding her. It is unknown what happened to the dagger after this, though given it was the same weapon used to murder her father, it's unlikely Snow White would've wanted to keep it.