Ravenna the Evil Queen is the older sister of Freya the Ice Queen. She was killed by Eric at the end of The Huntsman: Winter's War by the destruction of the mirror[1]. She is also at the Golden Empire after she was summoned out by Snow White bringing Doreena's Heart[2] to the mirror. Ravenna could not be defeated by anyone. She is portrayed by Charlize Theron.

Relationships Edit

Freya Edit

Ravenna and Freya were sisters in The Huntsman: Winter's War but they were also queens. This was her story before The Huntsman and the New Golden Mirror. After Snow vanquished Ravenna, her little sister Freya was betrayed by the man who loved her. Freya had a daughter when her lover sent her a postcard saying that he would marry Freya in the fields. But her daughter was killed by her lover by Ravenna's Order. She used ice power to freeze the lover, so her body became so white and fell in the hands of Ravenna. Consumed by hurting and anger, Freya abandoned Ravenna to seek her own kingdom far to the north. When Freya had the mirror, she summoned Ravenna out of it. They were good sisters, but in the end, the Evil Queen says that she thought that she drove Freya's Weakness out and she made her strong. Freya asked her how did she do that. Ravenna didn't tell her nothing, so she hurted Freya gravely and died, but Ravenna wasn't vanquished still.

Finn Edit

Ravenna loved her brother and lived with him all the life. Finn was her seer as he tried to bring Snow White to Ravenna. Ravenna and Finn were brothers, but Finn was killed by Eric in the first battle of Calcurnia. He sticked Finn on a group of hard branches. Ravenna also knew that Finn would die, so she apologized with Finn by being so hard when she was furious with him, but Finn could not talk, so Ravenna decided to kill Snow White poisoning her with a poisonous apple. In Snow White and the Huntsman[3], Finn died in Calcurnia. Ravenna, to make Eric sad by killing her brother, decided to bring a poisonous apple to Snow in a snowy forest. So Ravenna brought the apple to Snow and killed her, but she already knows that Snow White is still alive and she could kill her.

Snow White Edit

When Snow White turned to darkness by the Mirror Man, Ravenna was reformed inside the mirror. It lasted six years to rebuild her and to summon her alive. When Ravenna killed Freya, Eric killed Ravenna destroying the mirror. Between The Huntsman: Winter's War[4] and The Huntsman and the New Golden Mirror[5], Snow fled out of the mirror. The rebuilding of Ravenna happened in this order:

  • In one year, her left leg was formed.
  • In two years, her right leg was formed.
  • In three years, her left hand was formed.
  • In four years, her right hand and trunk were formed.
  • In five years, her tunic and face with eyes were formed.
  • In six years, Ravenna was completely formed.

Snow White and the Huntsman Edit

In Snow White and the Huntsman, Ravenna was nothing more than a queen. She was killed by Snow White being stabbed and rapid growing old. Ravenna became part of the mirror, so Eric broke the mirror to kill her in The Huntsman: Winter's war

Notable Quotes Edit

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
  • You killed a dwarf girl, I saw it.
  • Here you have, my queen.
  • I knew your powers the day I gave you the poisonous apple.
Status Between Alive and Dead
AK The Evil Queen
Family Freya (sister)

Finn (brother)

Unnamed mother

Freya's Daughter (niece)

Snow White (stepdaughter)

Portrayer Charlize Theron

Powers Edit

Ravenna is a powerful sorceress. She is full of magic powers and some of them are:

  • Youth Absorption: Through a spell in her mouth coming out, Ravenna can absorb the youth of every young people. This makes Ravenna get younger and the others get older. In Snow White and the Huntsman, almost in the final battle, Ravenna consumes the youth of many people captured there.
  • Dark Fay: Ravenna releases out of here tunic some liquid, making a new substance known as Dark Fay. In both Snow White and the Huntsman and The Huntsman: Winter's War, Ravenna releases Dark Fay. In Snow White and the Huntsman, she releases Dark Fay to make people of black glass, and in The Huntsman: Winter's War, she makes knifes of Dark Fay to kill several huntsmen.
  • Touching people/People becomes her: Ravenna can touch everyone. That's why the people's ghost becomes her. For Example, Ravenna touches William, so his spirit becomes Ravenna and gives the poisonous apple to Snow White.
  • Passing into fire with no hurt: Sometimes, Ravenna can pass into fire (entering to it) with no hurt. For Example, when Ravenna says "You cannot defeat me!", she passes into fire with no hurt at the same time Snow believes that what she is saying is not true.

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