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We have rested long enough. Frost to fire and fire to frost. Iron will melt. But it will writhe inside of itself! All these years, all I've known is darkness. But I have never seen a brighter light than when my eyes just opened. And I know that light burns in all of you! Those embers must turn to flame. Iron into sword. I will become your weapon! Forged by the fierce fire that I know is in your hearts! For I have seen what she sees. I know what she knows. I can kill her. And I'd rather die today than live another day of this death! Who will ride with me? Who will be my brother?
— Snow White to Hammond's troops

Snow White is the princess (later queen) of Tabor and the main protagonist of Snow White and the Huntsman. Enchanting all with her courage and innate purity, she is considered to be the "Fairest of Them All." She is the only child of King Magnus and Queen Eleanor, and the stepdaughter and arch nemesis of Queen Ravenna who seeks to kill her to consume her pure heart and maintain her power. However, Snow White proves to be more than a match for the wicked queen ultimately ending her tyrannical reign over Tabor and freeing her people. After Ravenna's death, Snow White is crowned Tabor's new queen. She is portrayed by Kristen Stewart.


Early life and Escape[]

Young Snow White

Snow White is the daughter of King Magnus and Queen Eleanor. During her childhood, her mother told her that she possessed a "rare beauty" deep within her heart, and told her to never lose it. As a child, she was best friends with William, the son of Duke Hammond. After the death of her mother, King Magnus marries Ravenna, who becomes Snow White's stepmother.

After the death of the King, Ravenna had Snow White confined to a tower and kept as her prisoner. The King's daughter spent allegedly ten years in the Queen's imprisonment. [1] On her eighteenth birthday, the Magic Mirror announces that Snow White is fairer than the Queen and that she must consume her heart to live. Her step-uncle, Finn, is ordered to retrieve Snow White, but she cuts him with a nail she found outside her windowsill (shown to her by a magpie) and escapes her cell. Guided by two magpies, Snow White escapes from the castle by sliding down into a drainage channel and leaping off a cliff into the ocean below. She swims to shore, where she finds a white horse and rides it to escape Ravenna's soldiers, until it becomes caught in a bog outside the Dark Forest. With few options, the young princess is forced to abandon her horse and flees willingly into the Forest, unaware of its dangers.


The Huntsman[]

Snow White in the Dark Forest

Hoping to get as faraway from Ravenna as possible, Snow White does her best to navigate the darkness of the forest, but finds herself horrified and frightened by what has become of the world during her imprisonment. She passes out from breathing in a poisonous scent in the forest earth when she trips, but recovers after awhile and sets off again. When Finn and his soldiers come searching for her, Snow White tries to hide but is found by the Huntsman, Eric, who was ordered by the Queen to hunt her down and return her. Finn demands that Eric hand her over, but Snow White pleads with him, saying the Queen will kill her. Troubled by this and suspicious of whether the Queen will keep her part of the bargain - that she will bring back the huntsman's dead wife, Sara, in exchange for her prisoner - Eric refuses to hand over the princess until Ravenna returns Sara to him. Impatient, Finn admits that the queen cannot bring his dead wife back. Eric is outraged and kills the soldiers, leaving Finn as he falls into a poison-filled pit. Snow White flees during the chaos. Eric follows after Snow White, who manages to punch him, grabbing one of his daggers in the process and holds him at knifepoint. When Eric asks her identity and the Queen's reason for wanting her dead, she simply says that he should already know the answer to that question, since he is the one hunting her.

With both of them now hunted by Ravenna, Eric becomes her protector and her ally, cutting her dress short, showing her how to defend herself and guiding her through the Dark Forest. When they are attacked by a Troll, Eric tells Snow White to run as he tries to fight off the beast. Not willing to leave him behind, Snow White stops the troll by standing in its path and screaming at it. The troll roars back, but after inspecting Snow White, ceases its attack and leaves. Eric reprimands her for not doing what he said, but she says he would have been killed if she had left. They eventually make it out of the Dark Forest and shelter in a fishing village. There, Eric finally learns of Snow White's true identity; she apologetically explains she didn't tell him because she wasn't sure if he could be trusted. When the village is attacked by Finn and his soldiers, Snow White wants to stay and help, but the villagers and Eric insist she flee. Snow White and Eric escape the village; unbeknownst to Snow White, she is rescued by William, who had come looking for her, but didn't recognize him in the chaos.  

The Dwarves[]

Soon after, Snow White and Eric encounter and are captured by dwarves, who nearly kill the pair until Snow White reveals to them that her father was King Magnus. The dwarves then free and take her and Eric to an enchanting part of the forest called The Sanctuary.

Snow White encounters the White Hart in the Sanctuary.

As morning approaches, so too do familiar faces. Snow White is awakened by the presence of the two magpies that helped her escape from the Castle. However, she soon finds out that her helpers were actually possessed by two fairies. The fairies greet Snow White and urge her to follow them into their Sanctuary. She does so, but Gus then wakes up to find her leaving and awakens the others, who all follow Snow White. As she continues on through the forest, many woodland creatures emerge, some of them being mounts for the fairies who too watch the princess. Eventually, she reaches a small meadow, where a beautiful majestic white stag with towering antlers known as the White Hart is discovered. The creature supposedly has never appeared before humans. As the Huntsman and the Dwarves finally catch up, they become so awestricken that the majestic White Hart is standing before Snow White, the Huntsman then attempts to follow but Beith stops him, saying that the scene before them is one in particular that has never been witnessed before. They watch as Snow White slowly approaches the White Hart and when she stands before the creature, he bends his head down for her to pat him, which she does. He then bows before her, blessing her. Muir explains to the others that Snow White is life itself and is destined to put an end to Ravenna's wicked reign once and for all. The Dwarves intend to stay by Snow White's side no matter what happens.

However, just then the majestic stag is hit with an arrow, wounding him and causing him to transform into a swarm of butterflies. The Queen's men have finally caught up with the group, the Dwarves then fiercely engage in battle against the soldiers, while Snow White, the Huntsman, and Gus flee. As Snow White, Gus, and the Huntsman are fleeing, he suddenly sends them off in an opposite direction while he stays behind to fight off a determined Finn. William then appears and tries to catch Snow White, but she mistakes him for one of the soldiers and when he gets closer to her, she pulls him off his horse. Gus almost kills William, but Snow White stops him when William reveals his identity to them. Meanwhile, the Huntsman engages in a fight with Finn, successfully killing him by impaling him on a sharp tree root after learning that he abetted in the death of his wife. A wounded archer then locates Snow White and makes an attempt to kill her by shooting an arrow at her, but Gus jumps in front of her, taking the shot. She holds the dying Dwarf in her arms who promises her that he will not leave her before succumbing to his wound. A funeral is held for Gus that night where the Dwarves cremate his body as Snow White, William and the Huntsman watch on in grief.

Snow White's Death[]

Snow White is poisoned by Ravenna.

The Dwarves inform Snow White that they intend to follow her wherever she shall lead them and Gort hands her Gus' dagger in honor of him. The group accompanied by William then continue on their journey to Hammond's Castle. Along the way, William apologizes to Snow White for leaving her and that if he knew she was alive, he would have come for her sooner, but she reassures him that he did not leave her, because they were both just children during the massacre at Tabor, and the only thing that matters is that he is here with her now. Meanwhile, an enraged Ravenna decides to take matters into her own hands and pursues after Snow White. While the group stops to take rest, Snow White wanders away to explore her surroundings. She is then approached by William who informs her about the people's hatred towards the Evil Queen although Snow White tells him about how she too used to hate Ravenna with every fibre of her being, but now she only feels sorrow for the Queen. William then surprisingly encourages her to lead an Army against Ravenna, though Snow White feels that no man would ever follow her into war, despite the fact she is the King's Daughter. 

Snow White dies in William's embrace.

Snow White then kisses William, who offers an apple to her. The princess acknowledges that she remembers that trick and takes the apple from him. She takes a small bite, but a second after she does, she starts coughing and choking, revealing the apple had been poisoned. As she struggles to breathe and collapses onto the ground, William reveals himself to be none other than Ravenna in disguise, who leans over Snow White and reveals to her that after all this time, she was the only one who could break the spell and destroy her and also the only one pure enough to save her. Ravenna then prepares to kill Snow White and consume her heart, when the Huntsman and William attack her, having discovered Snow White missing. Ravenna is then forced to transform into a flock of ravens and flee. William cradles the now comatose Snow White and kisses her after seeing that she has not shed a solitary tear but she just closes her eyes. The Huntsman begins to cry, and pleads with the Dwarves to help Snow White, but unfortunately there is nothing they can do to help her. Believing that she is dead, they decide to keep their promise and deliver her to the people.

Breath of Life[]

Snow White awakens after dying.

They take Snow White's body to Hammond's Castle where the Duke and the people mourn her. Snow White is put into a white dress being barefoot and laid to rest inside the castle's chapel, while the distraught Huntsman maintains vigil over her. As she lies in repose, he begins to tell her about his life. He tells her about how he once had a wife named Sara, saying how he believed that he was not worth saving, but she saved him anyway. He confesses his deep love for her, and that the moment he let her out of his sight, she was gone forever and then he became himself again, a self that he never cared for, purposely putting himself in danger. Until meeting Snow White, who reminds him of his wife as she too possesses the same heart and the same spirit as she did and that since meeting the princess, he has noticed his change back into the better man he once was with Sara. But now Snow White too has gone and he apologizes for failing to save her. He then kisses her and one of his tears land on her cheek. He then leaves the room and just minutes after he does leave, Snow White draws her first breath of life and awakens as a second tear has fallen, which has inadvertently broken the spell.

The Final Battle[]

Snow White rallies the Duke's Army for war.

Snow White slowly walks out into the courtyard and stands before her astonished people. She gives an inspiring speech to them, encouraging them to fight back against the Evil Queen and informs them that she alone possesses the power to kill Ravenna. Snow White then takes full command of her Army.

Snow White prepares for battle.

Snow White and Hammond lead her Army to the royal castle, while the Dwarves, under Snow White's orders, infiltrate the Castle through the sewers in order to unlock the gates to allow her Army access. Meanwhile, Ravenna learns of the upcoming attack and willingly allows her Army to come, believing that they stand no chance of being victorious. Her Army soon arrives at the castle, but they are halted as to reach the Castle, they must pass by the ocean residing 

Snow White leads her Army into battle.

near Tabor, whose tide washes straight onto shore, which threatens to wipe them out. Nonetheless, it is the fight for the Kingdom, they will take the risk, and Snow White claims that the gates will be unlocked when they arrive. Her Army races towards the Castle, suffering major causalities. However, when her Army reaches the Castle, the gates are still locked and the Dark Army is furiously slaughtering them. William believes in turning back, but Snow White refuses, saying she gave her army her word. Just then, the gates are unlocked and her Army charge into the Castle, engaging in a ferocious battle with the Dark Army. Snow White, shielded by a human-like barrier begins to make her way through the battle but when she looks up at the Castle, she spots Ravenna looking back down at her before she disappears into the Castle. Taking down all who block her path, the determined warrior proceeds to make her own way into the Castle without the slightest hesitation. The Huntsman, William and several other soldiers, follow her. Snow White eventually finds Ravenna and engages in a one-on-one duel with her wretched stepmother. 

Snow White looks into the Magic Mirror, as she becomes the Fairest of them all.

Overpowered, Snow White still tries with all her might to bring down Ravenna, but unfortunately still fails to do so and is injured when Ravenna blocks her first attack. While Ravenna bluntly announces that Snow White cannot defeat her, Snow White tries to reach for her sword that was knocked out of her hands, but the Queen prevents her and prepares to kill the princess. However, Snow White uses the defensive move the Huntsman had taught her and blocks Ravenna's attack. Then, she stabs the Queen in the heart with the dagger she'd taken from Eric, fatally wounding her. The dying Queen removes Snow White's dagger from her chest, but three drops of blood fall onto Snow White's armor. Frightened, Ravenna crawls away to her beloved Mirror while a remorseful Snow White kneels before her. As Ravenna slowly dies and withers into her true age, Snow White sadly tells her, "You can't have my heart," shedding a single tear just as Ravenna succumbs to her wound. After the Queen meets her final end, Snow White looks into the Mirror as she becomes the Fairest of them all.

The Coronation[]

Snow White is crowned Queen of Tabor.

With the Kingdom at last returned to its former glory and the land also returned to its enchanting glory, Snow White is crowned Queen of Tabor. As she looks out over her loyal subjects, amongst them are William, Duke Hammond, the Dwarves, Greta (whose stolen beauty has returned upon the Queen's demise) and Anna. Snow White spots the Huntsman amongst the crowd, who smiles at her, and she smiles back at him. As the Time of Darkness is over, and the Dawn of a New Era is finally within reach.

Marriage and Influence of the Mirror[]

A golden raven lands next to Snow White...

Some time after her coronation, she married her childhood friend William and he became King of Tabor. It was believed that the Mirror's Dark magic had died along with Ravenna, but there was an evil in the Mirror, an evil that had been becoming increasingly powerful with time. Because of its dark magic, Snow White became ill - the evil in the Mirror caused her to be unable to take her eyes off it, and she could constantly hear its voice calling out to her. Hence, Snow White ordered it to be taken to the Sanctuary, which was the one place where its Dark magic could be forever contained. However, the men who were charged with escorting the Mirror to the Sanctuary never returned. She ordered her husband William to recruit Eric the Huntsman to find the Mirror and take it to Sanctuary.

In a post-credits scene at the end of the second film, a golden raven is seen landing next to Snow White, indicating that part of Ravenna still lingers in spirit-form and seeks vengeance against her.


Snow White after defeating Ravenna at long last.

Snow White is a deeply compassionate and pure-hearted young woman. She holds respect for all life and is kind to almost everyone she meets. Even as a young child, Snow White was beloved for her caring nature and determination to help others. After her father was murdered by her evil stepmother, Queen Ravenna, and she was locked in a tower for ten years, Snow White became a rather timid and naive girl, distrustful of strangers and very introverted. However, when she saw what her evil stepmother, Queen Ravenna, had done to her kingdom, she grew more confident and eventually resolved to stop Ravenna, proving herself a courageous and selfless woman.

Snow White initially appears to adverse to violence, but will use it as a last resort to defend herself and those she cares about. She also comes to realize that the only way to stop her evil stepmother, Queen Ravenna, is to fight her and, despite having little experience in combat, she chooses to ride into battle alongside her troops. Snow White also occasionally displays quick-thinking and cunning, scratching Finn across the face and then locking him in her cell to escape and also pulling William from his horse as he rides past. She inspires compassion and bravery in others and proves to be a strong and competent ruler, who puts her people's best interests at heart. In spite of her dark and tragic past, Snow White remains hopeful of a better tomorrow and uses her experiences to make her a stronger person.


Snow White is shown to be a competent horsewoman. She also picks some basic self defense skills from Eric.

Physical Appearance[]

Even when she was a child, Snow White was a beauty to behold, with long dark hair, green eyes, naturally red lips, and a flawlessly fair complexion. Queen Ravenna herself once commented to Snow White that she (Snow White) was said to be "the face of true beauty in the kingdom". Despite the long years of captivity during her evil stepmother's reign, Snow White still blossomed into a beautiful and slender young woman, though it is her inner beauty and compassion that truly makes her the Fairest of Them All.



Upon first meeting Eric the Huntsman, Snow White was understandably wary of him as he had been sent to capture her. After Eric turned on Ravenna and helped Snow White to escape, she was forced to rely on him for protection, as she had little knowledge of the Dark Forest or life experience, having been locked up for ten years. Snow White listened to Eric's advice on how to survive, though she stated she didn't trust him enough at first to reveal her true identity to him. Despite this, Snow White defied Eric's orders to run and risked her own life to save him when they were attacked by the Troll.

Snow White eventually comes to trust and rely on Eric, with the two sharing a deep bond. It is implied that Snow White could have developed romantic feelings for Eric - it's even implied that his kiss is what awakens her after her supposed death. However, ultimately, their relationship remains platonic and Snow White eventually marries William. Snow White looks for Eric at her coronation and they smile at one another. Later, Snow White entrusts Eric with the important task of retrieving the Magic Mirror and bringing it to the Sanctuary, showing she places a great deal of trust and faith in her friend.


William and Snow White grew up together and were best friends as children. They often played together and they shared the traits of courage and compassion for others. They may have had a crush on each other as children, though given their young ages, it probably wasn't very serious. Snow White didn't see William for ten years due to being imprisoned by Ravenna, though she never blamed him for leaving her behind, as William did. She didn't initially recognize William when he came to her assistance, but once she did, she was surprised and delighted to be reunited with her old friend.

Their friendship had not been broken or weakened in spite of their being separated for so long and it became clear that, as young adults, they had developed romantic feelings for each other. Snow White confided some of her deepest feelings and thoughts to William (though she didn't know at the time that it was actually Ravenna in disguise) and also kissed him, showing clearly her strong feelings for him. After being poisoned by her stepmother, Snow White lay dying in William's arms and gazed into his eyes before falling unconscious. Upon being resurrected, Snow White immediately walks to William and takes his hand, with the two sharing a brief but profound moment. At her coronation, Snow White and William exchange smiles. It is later revealed that Snow White married William, implying he was always her true love.


As a child, Snow White appeared to have a positive reaction to her new stepmother at first. She seemed to approve of Ravenna marrying her father, telling her she thought she was beautiful, accompanying her down the aisle at her wedding and smiling at her. However, the night Ravenna revealed her true colours by murdering Snow White's father, Snow White's opinion of her stepmother quickly changed to fear. For ten years, Snow White both feared and despised Ravenna for what she had done to her, her family and her kingdom; however, she later confides in 'William' (actually Ravenna in disguise) that she "used to hate her" but now she pities Ravenna, recognizing what a lonely and tragic figure Ravenna is. However, this doesn't stop Snow White from trying to kill Ravenna to save her friends and people. Snow white attacks Ravenna in a blind rage when she taunts her about her father and clearly harbors a great deal of anger and resentment towards the woman who has tried to kill her and destroyed her life. they also went ahead and made 4 other children, but that is something that will come to light in the second part.

When Ravenna comments that she and Snow White "aren't so different", Snow White says with absolute conviction "I'm everything you're not." This could be regarded as somewhat true - Snow White does in fact have some similarities to Ravenna, in that they both lost their home, family and innocence to a selfish and tyrannical ruler at a young age; however, Snow White was able to rise above her tragic circumstances and remains selfless and hopeful, whilst Ravenna is consumed by hatred. Ultimately, Snow White succeeds in killing Ravenna; however, as she lays dying, Snow White appears to feel sorry for Ravenna, actually shedding tears and sadly telling her "You can't have my heart." Even after Ravenna's death, Snow White is affected by Ravenna's spirit, which lingers inside the Magic Mirror, causing her to fall ill and prompting Snow White to try and end Ravenna's influence once and for all by sending the Mirror to the Sanctuary.

King Magnus[]

Snow White loved her father dearly. They were shown grieving together after her mother passed away and she was devastated when he was murdered. Snow White often speaks fondly of her father after his death and is clearly proud of him, seeking to emulate him as a ruler and being inspired by his memory, and became enraged when Ravenna called him weak.

Queen Eleanor[]

Snow White was shown to be very close to her mother. She brought Eleanor an injured bird as a child and Eleanor was the one who told Snow White that she possessed a rare form of beauty - kindness and compassion for all beings - and that she should always value that trait. Snow White was shown to be grieved when her mother passed away and never forgot Eleanor's advice to her, taking it to heart and retaining her empathy and goodwill to other people all her life, in spite of the tragedies she suffers.



  • In some early versions of the Snow White fairytale, Snow White is only seven years old when the story begins. In the 1937 Disney adaption, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, she is fourteen years old. In this version, she is aged up to eighteen during the main events of the film.
  • There is another fairytale character who bears the name Snow White, one of the main protagonists of Snow White and Rose Red. In this story, Snow White is a peasant girl, with fair hair, a stark contrast to her twin sister Rose Red, who has dark hair. The two sisters attempt to help a mean-spirited dwarf when he gets into various mishaps, though he is never grateful, and later befriend a talking a bear who stays with them for the winter. The bear is eventually revealed to be a cursed prince, who saves the sisters from the dwarf when he threatens to kill them after they stumble upon his hoard of treasure. after the bear kills the dwarf, the curse is lifted and he becomes human - the dwarf being the one who put the spell on the prince to steal his treasure. Snow White ends up marrying the prince, whilst Rose Red marries his brother. This Snow White does not appear to have any connection to the more famous Princess Snow White, besides their shared name.


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