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Here we have the differences between the Movie and the Book.

Movie Differences Book Differences
When Snow White escapes through the sewage pipe in the movie she wades through of her own accord and leaps off the rocky cliff at the edge of the pipe, plunging into the sea below where she clambers out onto the beach and finds the horse by a large flat rock after being shown by the magpies. Snow White is whisked away against her will (the current is too strong) and it seems to take ages until she shoots out, tumbling into the sea where she is tangled in seaweed and struggles to resurface. When she does she navigates a maze of rocks until she finds the horse.
When Snow White rides through the destroyed village she is faced with the entire village, gaunt and pale. She's surrounded and panicking, urges the horse to canter on, closely pursued by Ravenna's men. Snow White rides through, never stopping, and sees some children,  skeletal like figures, huddled by an old school building. Ravenna's men are still in close pursuit.
Snow White is chased into a thicket of trees then arrives in a clearing, the battlesite at the start of the movie. The horse is nervous and rears and swings its head so that Snow White has difficulty holding on, then races into a pit of mud, hurling Snow White off and gets stuck. She tries to help but he backs away and she runs on into the Dark Forest alone after seeing the outline of Ravenna's men coming through the mist. Snow White is chased but the horse merely races through until the ground gives way. He rears, throwing Snow White off. When she turns he has run away into the mist. Ravenna's men rush in. Snow White flees into the forest.
In the enchanted forest, Snow White encounters a Stag, white and majestic with towering antlers (the White Hart), in a woodland clearing. One of Ravenna's archers shoots it and it bursts into butterflies which soar into the sky. The Stag (the White Hart) is shown as a Stallion and when shot by the archer, he flees into the woodland.
Lily Cole's character is named Greta, once she has her beauty taken by Ravenna, she is taken back to her cell, this is before Ravenna finds out Snow White is now the fairest and Finn is ordered to bring Snow White to her. She is not seen again until Snow White is crowned queen. Lily Cole's character is called Rose and she is taken back to her cell when Finn is ordered to bring Snow White to Ravenna. She is seen again when Duke Hammond brings her out and she looks up and sees Snow White on the balcony.
When Ravenna is ordering Finn to bring Snow White to her, she says "Bring me the King's Daughter!". Ravenna says "Bring me Snow White!".
When captured by the drawes, both Snow White and Eric are strung up. The Drawes hit both of them, Snow White only once and Eric four times. Only Eric is strung up, Snow White is left tied up on the ground. The Drawes only hit Eric.
Snow White's eyes are green because Kristen Stewart has green eyes. Snow White's eyes are brown.
During the battle at the castle, Snow White and Ravenna just look at each other before Eric, William and some of soliders from Snow White's army appear and Ravenna creates glass men. Snow White and Ravenna are already fighting when Eric and William appear and Ravenna created dark fairies.
Eric is wounded in the chest. Eric is wounded in the side.
Ravenna says "Come and avenge your father who was too weak to raise his sword". That makes Snow White so angry that she charges at Ravenna screaming. Ravenna says "Come, avenge the father who was too weak to raise his sword". Snow White does get angry but she doesn't charge at Ravenna. Snow White just feels the anrger rising in her chest.
In the cell Snow White lays on her bed and Finn sits on the edge and he places his fingers over her heart. Snow White sits on the edge of the bed with Finn and Finn pulls out a dagger.
During the battle Snow White gets hurt. When Ravenna throws her across the room the first time, she bashes her jaw on one of the stone steps, drawing blood. Snow White doesn't get hurt.
During the battle Ravenna gets hurt three times. After she throws Snow White across the room the first time, she has a cut across the palm of her hand that heals quickly. She stands in the middle of the fire, getting burnt, again healing quickly. She gets stabbed in the chest, but this time she doesn't heal. Ravenna gets hurt once. The stab wound to the chest, and she doesn't heal.
Snow White is already wearing legging and boots. Snow White doesn't wearing them and while in the Dark Forest, she has to make them from leather that Eric hads her from his vest and arm braces.
Eric doesn't find out who Snow White is until the are in the village and Anna tells him. Eric gets annoied that Snow White didn't tell him. Snow White tells Eric who she is in the Dark Forest. Eric had a bit of trouble beliving Snow White at first. 
After being stabbed, Ravenna backwards crawls away from Snow White to the base of the mirror, struggling to breathe, Snow White kneels in front of her. Ravenna lays on her back on the floor, and Snow White craddles her in her arms.
When Eric leaves the village, Anna tries to stop him. No one tries to stop Eric from leaving.
While being chased by William in the Enchanted Forest, Snow White grabs William and pulls him off his horse when he is close enough. Snow White hides in the bushes, leaps out and pulls William off his horse.
When Ravenna is dying, only Snow White speak, she says "You can't have my Heart". Both Ravenna and Snow White speak, Ravenna says "A life for a life. By fairest blood, it is undone", while Snow White says "Hope never dies".
In the village, Snow White sleeps in the hut with Lily. Snow White sleeps on the deck outside Anna and Lily's hut.
When Snow White is caught by Eric, she struggles to break free. Snow White bites his hand as well.
After the troll attack, Snow White isn't hurt. Snow White has a scrape across her forehead.
In the village, Anna tends to Eric. An older woman tends to him.
At the Duke's Castle, Snow White wears a white dress, her arms are by her side, her hair is down and she lays on top of fur over the stone block. Snow White wears a pink dress, her arms are folded across her chest, her hair is in curls with a rose behind her ear and she lays on the stone block.
During the battle, Snow White and her army are facing a human army. They are facing a human army and then the army that are shown when Ravenna uses her powers to stop Eric, William and some of the army from helping Snow White.
When they meet up again in the Dark Forest, Snow White punches Eric, takes one of his knives and hold him at knife point. Snow White just punches him and pushes past him, but he tells her to stop by giving her a warning.
In the village while its burning, both Eric and William save Snow White from one of Finn's men. Only William saves her.
In the village, Snow White wakes just as a flaming arrow flies into the hut and landing in a post by her bed. Snow White is woken by someone screaming.
After being stabbed, Ravenna crawls to the base of the mirror. Ravenna lays flat on her back.
After Ravenna's death, Snow White stares into the Magic Mirror. Snow White walks past Eric and William and looks out from the balcony.
During her fight with Ravenna, Snow White is knocked to the ground, slid arcoss the room, thrown across the room, throw to the ground and into a stone step, her hand nearly crushed, hit across the face and kicked in the stomach. Snow White is only tripped up.
Snow White wears almost a full set of Armor. Only the chain mail is metioned.
The Mirror Room is in front of the doors to the Throne Room and before her fight with Snow White, Ravenna is standing in front of the fire in the middle of the room. The Mirror Room is to the side and Ravenna is standing in front of the mirror.
When caputered during Ravenna's taking over the kingdom, Snow White is carried back by Finn. It says Snow White was tied up and dragged back by Finn.
When Eric meets up with Snow White again, he comes at her from the side. Eric comes up from behind her.
Anna has brown hair. Anna has red hair.
Snow White is the only famale in the army. It is a mixute of men and women.
Eric has brown hair and bright blue eyes. Eric has straw-blond hair and grey eyes.
When Anna tells Snow White that her scarfice will come, they are in the hut with a sleeping Lily and Snow White stares at Anna.  Snow White and Anna are on the deck with Eric and Snow White glares at him thinking he said something.
When the drawes attack, they punch both Snow White and Eric.  The drawes punch Eric, it is unknown if they punch Snow White.
When Snow White is fighting Ravenna, Eric, William and some of Snow White's soliders came to help her only to have to fight the glass soliders Ravenna created. Only Eric and William came to help Snow White.