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Tabor is a kingdom and the primary setting of Snow White and the Huntsman. It is one of several kingdoms conquered by Ravenna, and is currently ruled by Queen Snow White and her husband, King William.

Geography Edit

It is not clear where Tabor is located in the world the films are set in, though it is south of the lands known as the North. Its climate and flora appear to be similar to that of Western Europe in the real world, thus suggesting it is located in the West or South West of whatever continent it inhabits. It has a coast-line and so is not landlocked, as the royal castle is situated on a cliff overlooking the sea. Tabor appears to have four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The land is shown to be lush, green and rather beautiful prior to Ravenna's rule, with wide open fields and meadows, mountains and forests. After Ravenna's rule, the plants seemed to die out, the grass turning to dirt and mud and crops failing - even the weather seemed to be primarily overcast or raining, with only occasional glimpses of sunshine (though this only appeared to be the case in the Dark Forest and the vicinity of the royal castle, as the weather seemed normal in Duke Hammond's duchy). It is also implied that the main events of the film take place in late winter/early spring, which could account for the weather.

Society and Culture Edit

Tabor has a hereditary monarchy; traditionally, the eldest child of the monarch succeeding the throne upon the death of their parent. Tabor appears to have no taboos against women ruling and a woman can become queen in her own right, as opposed to queen consort (the wife of a king). Not much else is known about Tabor's government, though there is a noble class in Tabor, including those with the title of Duke, suggesting the presence of duchy - Tabor is presumably divided into different territories and domains, each of which are ruled over by a Duke (or perhaps a Duchess) who answer directly to the King or Queen.

The population of Tabor appears to be primarily human, though dwarves seemed to have lived alongside them and answered to the monarch before Ravenna's rule. Tabor's economy seems to come from agriculture, as demonstrated in the beginning - as they are also a coastal kingdom, they are also likely to gain income from trading and fishing. Some riverside villages also use fishing as a primary source of income.

Tabor's largest and most impressive example of architecture is its royal castle, which appears to be quite old but well-maintained. It is situated on a cliff overlooking the sea and is the official residence of the reigning monarch and their family. The castle bears many similarities to medieval castles, though it far larger and more complex in design than traditional 'motte and bailey' style castles, although it still serves as effective defensive structure for its inhabitants should it be seized. The nobles of the land also seem to inhabit castles, such as Duke Hammond's, though these residences appear to be smaller and more practical in comparison to the royal castle. The common folk live in villages or towns - the poorer or smaller villages seem to have more crudely constructed and compact house, consisting one or two rooms divided by a curtain or screen, with thatched roofs. Townhouses are larger with Tudor-style architecture and cobbled streets. In terms of technology, Tabor appears to be on the same level as most Medieval European countries - their soldiers wear plate armour and chainmail and wield swords, axes, bows, maces and daggers. Horses are regularly used for transportation, labouring and combat.

Not much else is known about Tabor's culture. Snow White is seen praying whilst imprisoned in the tower and a man who appears to be a priest of some kind is shown crowning her, suggesting they have some kind of organised religion, but little is known about it. It is apparently customary for those in mourning to wear black. Tabor has a military, which apparently answers directly to the monarch, though its possible dukes or duchesses raise their own armies in the monarch's name. Tabor has a concept of marriage; like marriage in the real world, couples wed one another in a ceremony, attended by guests and apparently officiated by a priest. In royal weddings, at the least, brides wear white and the whole court attends, with the bride being escorted up the aisle to the altar by armed guards. In the case of Ravenna, she was accompanied by Snow White, her soon-to-be stepdaughter, which could be regarded as a tradition for remarriages. It is not known if Tabor have concepts similar to divorces or annulments, though remarriage after being widowed is seen as socially acceptable.

The symbol of Tabor (which is possibly the symbol of the royal family) is that of a stylised white tree (perhaps meant to resemble the white tree located in the royal castle's courtyard). Soldiers of Tabor wear this symbol on their shields and breastplates. It is also apparently customary for a new monarch to hold a white branch, as opposed to a sceptre, during their coronation, perhaps as a symbol of the monarch's devotion to his or her people (and in the case of Queen Snow White's coronation, new hope and beginnings, after the defeat of Ravenna).

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  • The white tree symbol of Tabor is very similar to the White Tree of Gondor in The Lord of the Rings.