The Dwarves are highly emotional creatures who often display extremes of both happiness and anger. According to legend, God had created the dwarves to uncover all of the riches he had left hidden on Earth. This included the beauty in people's hearts.

When the Enchanted Forest was vast and covered the whole of the Earth, their numbers were very large. Soon after the humans inhabited the forest, their numbers began to diminish and declined drastically. The eight dwarves are the last of their kind.

They are associated with Snow White and believe that she is life itself and has been chosen to heal the land.
The dwarves will follow her wherever she goes.


  • Beith, the leader of the clan.
  • Muir, the clan's blind senior statesman.
  • Quert, Muir's musical son.
  • Coll, the toughest soldier among the clan.
  • Duir, the shadow to Coll.
  • Gort, the ill-tempered drunkard.
  • Nion, Beith's right-hand man.
  • Gus, the youngest of the dwarves, who embodies the kingdom's love for Snow White.


  • Because there are eight dwarves as opposed to the original seven in the original fairytale, it is implied or hinted by Snow White fans that one may die so that there will be seven like the fairytale, this is yet to be seen with the release of the film.
  • It has been confirmed. Gus handed in the dinner pail.