The Huntsman and the New Golden Mirror is a filming after Snow White and the Huntsman and The Huntsman: Winter's War. It is directed by Carlos Torrejón de Pablos.

Resuming Sinopsis Edit

Snow White has become an Evil Queen with the Power of Gold and raised an Empire with that power and that's why she keeps in her kingdom the Magic Mirror at her commands because she wants to free Ravenna from death before Eric the Huntsman and his wife Sara the Warrior see her. But no one knew how this battle would end...

Cast Edit

  • Chris Hemsworth is Eric.
  • Jessica Chastain is Sara.
  • Kristen Stewart is Snow White.
  • Charlize Theron is Ravenna.
  • Johnny Deep is The Golden Guard.
  • Rob Brydon is Gryff.
  • Nick Frost is Nion.
  • Alexandra Roach is Doreena.
  • Andy Serkis is The Rayot Mouse.
  • Geoffrey Rush is The Tiny Man.
  • Christopher Obi is The Mirror Man.

Six years after Freya's Death... Edit

Snow's Army started to develop six years after Freya's Death. The Army was born by Freya's Ashes and raised by the Golden Guard known as the Lord of Gold.

The Empire Edit

The Golden Empire started in 1999 and was defeated by Snow White when she turned good in 2005. Snow, the Lord of Gold and the first developed guards swore that they will protect the mirror until the end of earth. Ravenna the Evil Queen joined to the Empire and became Snow White's Servant.

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Edit

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" is a question that Snow must ask to the Mirror to summon out the Mirror Man. Then the man answers "You are, my queen".

Characters Edit

Eric Edit

Eric the Huntsman is a warrior who loved his wife Sara and has taken a long time for him to run and flee away from the Evil Golden Empire at Snow White's Commands. Pretending not to kill Snow or hurt her, Eric must fight against the Empire's Heart: the Mirror. Each time this Huntsman pretends to get closer to Snow White and try to kill her, he thinks if he wants to kill her or leave her in peace but Sara doesn't trust or believe her and she tries to murder the queen and that's why she does not trust whatever Eric says about this Evil Golden Queen and is obsessed to destroy the Empire. Eric, sometimes, betrays Snow White because of her intention to free Ravenna and destroy the Earth.

Sara Edit

Sara the Warrior is Eric's Wife as he is Sara's Husband. Sara does not believe or trust Snow White the Golden Queen (Read Eric). Eric and Sara join together as wife and husband to fight against the Golden Empire included murder Ravenna to destroy the entire empire. Sara, because of not believing or trusting Snow, she hates this Queen and tries to murder her. Sara and Eric have only a little relationships with the Golden Empire and want to destroy the mirror to kill Ravenna and make Snow White learn and turn back to the light side of power. Sara uses two knifes to fight against Snow White and her Evil Gold Energy.

Snow White Edit

Snow White is the most important character in The Huntsman and the New Golden Mirror. Snow is the Evil Queen of the Golden Empire, keeping the Mirror at her commands. She is very, very, very, very obsessed by taking one heart out. This will free Ravenna from death. Six years after the death of Freya, Snow White's story started to change and to endanger. Snow White knew that the mirror would break, so she fled out of it and there she stayed keeping its man at her side. She was seduced to the dark by this man and she decided to free Ravenna. The Mirror Man told her that to free Ravenna, she must bring one heart to the mirror.

Ravenna Edit

Ravenna only pretended to stay inside the mirror at the same time she survives after killing her sister Freya. That was why she died. But she couldn't be vanquished by anyone. Each time she died, she got a new life. This means she survives little by little and reforms again little by little. Ravenna always waited until someone brings one heart to the mirror to be summoned out. (Read Snow White). This happens in the next order:

  • Ravenna leaves her dead body.
  • She goes into the mirror and stays there.
  • She is reformed by the Mirror Man.
  • She is summoned by Snow White.

The Golden Guard Edit

The Golden Guard is the seer of the Golden Queen Snow White and other of the most important characters in The Huntsman and the New Golden Mirror. But the Golden Guard is also a leader of the Empire. He works like a director of the Gold Army. He is in charge of training each time his guards and keeping the mirror safe from every danger that can affect it. The Golden Guard is also in charge of protecting the Imperial Castle and from joining to his guards in every fight. He's got a sword, a helmet and is known as the Lord of Gold. He uses his sword to fight against the Huntsman and his group of warriors and dwarves, he uses his helmet to protect his head and to be known as a warrior of Snow White's elite.

Snow White's Powers Edit

Snow White has lots of powers and that's what helps her to fight. Some of her popular powers are:

  • Power through water. Snow White can move very quicly through water and swim by using her golden energy against lakes, seas, oceans and rivers. The water lets her to swim and to use gold and move.
  • Power through air. Snow White uses gold with the energy of a raven. Her gold power flies trough the air at lightspeed. When she flies like a raven, she actives lightspeed to move.
  • Power through land. Snow White can use gold power against pretty lands on beautiful worlds as she is becoming "The Fairest of them all". She can move at lightspeed through every land on Earth.

The Fairest of them all Edit

Snow White and the Mirror Man talk together. Snow asks: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?". Then the Mirror Man emerges out and answers: "You are, my queen". (Read Mirror, mirror on the wall...). Snow and the man talk until the Mirror Man returns to the mirror.

The Death of Ravenna Edit

After Ravenna is summoned out, the only way to kill her is to stab Doreena's Heart. Eric, after infiltrating in the Imperial Castle, stabs the heart and Ravenna dies. Ravenna has become a part of the heart and that's why if someone stabs the heart, Ravenna dies.

The Mirror Edit

The Magic Mirror is one of the Empire's Hearts and keeps a man inside there that can be emerged out with this question: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?". The Mirror Man is in charge of being Snow's Seer as he rebuilds Ravenna inside the mirror.

Ravenna Returns Edit

Because of not being vanquished by anyone or getting a new life, Ravenna survived and reformed inside the mirror. The rebuilding of Ravenna was very, very, very tortorous, lasted a lot of time and was very difficult to summon Ravenna alive out. It took six years to transform nothing more than a dead body into a complete and alive Ravenna. When this six years passed, the time came to bring a heart to the mirror and free her.

The Final Battle Edit

Eric and Sara infiltrate on the Imperial Castle, but the Lord of Gold detects that there are some thieves who want to destroy the mirror and kill their queen. And the Lord of Gold captures them as he brings the thieves to Snow White. Eric pretends to free Snow as he says: "Snow White, I'm Eric, the Huntsman, I don't pretend to be cruel. I only want to protect you". But Snow answers that she is already protected. Snow White gets gold power from her hands and trows gold, but she hits her guards. One of them hits Ravenna and she falls to the floor, but she resists. Eric takes a chest and gets the heart of Doreena out. When he already knows if he stabs the heart Ravenna will die, the Huntsman stabs this heart and kills Ravenna. Snow White comes to Eric and tries to kill him, but when Snow was about to get her sword, Eric takes one sword and stabs Snow. When he got out the sword, at the same time she turns to the light and leaves darkness and gold, three drops of blood fell out of Snow. She opens the eyes again and says: "Eric? Is it you?". Snow White kills every soldier of the Empire and flees out of the castle with Eric and Sara.

Doreena's Death Edit

In the battle of Calcurnia Forest, Snow White detects Doreena alive. When Snow knows that she must take one heart to the mirror, she takes a dagger and throws it to Doreena's Spine. She falls to the floor and dies when Gryff tried to talk with her. Snow came to the forest and took her dagger and ordered the Lord of Gold to take Doreena's Heart out. The Lord of Gold takes Doreena's Heart out of her and brings it to Snow. When they return to the Imperial Castle, Snow White brings the heart to the mirror and summons Ravenna out.

The Imperial Castle's Password Edit

When someone comes to the Imperial Castle, he or she must tell the secret password of the Imperial Castle to enter inside. The password is 543345534354. When Eric and Sara infiltrated in the Imperial Castle, the Lord of Gold asked for the password. Eric took the guide and told 543345534354. Then they entered there.

Argument Edit

After the Evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) died, Snow White (Kristen Stewart) became a Gold Queen and created a Golden Empire with the Mirror Man (Christopher Obi) at her commands. Snow White declared queen of gold and the Empire swore that they will protect the mirror.

In a cave near the home of the dwarves, Calcurnia Forest, Eric the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) reads a book about Snow's Story. Then his wife Sara the Warrior (Jessica Chastain) asked Eric what was he doing. He answers that he is reading. Eric and Sara knew about Snow White's Story and Sara told the Huntsman that they must kill Snow White before she summons Ravenna out of the mirror.

Snow White tells the Golden Guard (Johnny Deep) that there is a group of enemies. She orders him to kill them, but the Golden Guard is afraid of them. Snow gets furious and the Guard flees out of the cave to kill Eric and Sara.

When Eric and Sara arrive in Calcurnia Forest, they couldn't see their friends Gryff (Rob Brydon), Nion (Nick Frost), Doreena (Alexandra Roach) and Bromwyn (Sheridan Smith). When they decided to leave Calcurnia Forest, Gryff and Nion suddenly appeared. They surprised Eric and Sara. When Doreena came with Gryff, Nion, Eric and Sara she told them that Bromwyn's dead. They were surprised when they heard her tellling that Bromwyn died. They seeked a tomb and buried her.

Snow White arrives in the cave of Calcurnia Forest, she reads Freya's Story, but she thinks that it was her story and then Ravenna's. She calls to the Golden Guard and told him to kill Eric and Sara.

Gryff, Nion, Eric, Sara and Doreena slept in that night when some fire came to the forest. The Empire of Gold is attacking Calcurnia Forest with balls of fire. Snow saw Doreena and threw her a sword when Doreena died and the Golden Guard took her heart.

Eric and Sara left Calcurnia Forest and went to another animal forest called Rayot, where they found a Tiny Man (Geoffrey Rush) who told them the safest way to the Imperial Castle.

Snow White took the heart and went to the Mirror's Room. When she brought the heart to the mirror, she made a magic conjure which made the golden liquid emerges out of the mirror and transformed itself in a body. When the gold melted, Ravenna was formed again. Snow revealed her the truth and Ravenna was so proud of her. Ravenna knew that Snow killed a dwarf called Doreena and took out her heart, so the Evil Queen Ravenna became part of the heart.

Eric and Sara fled out of Rayot and saw Calcurnia Forest when they infiltrated in the Imperial Castle.

After the final battle, Snow rectified and turned good. Then, she destroyed the empire and was crowned the Good Queen of Calcurnia Forest.

Calcurnia Forest Edit

Calcurnia Forest, one of the three forests that surround Calcurnia, is the only home of dwarves. They lost all, because the Golden Empire occupied the Calcurnia Forest and killed Bromwyn. The Golden Guard sent his soldiers into more battles in Calcurnia Forest. There were victoriosous in each battle, but with Eric and Sara, the forest could never be vanquished.

Rayot Edit

Rayot is a home of intelligent and guide mouses. The forest of Rayot is a house of monsters and mouses and dogs. Everyday, Rayot was in peace but now it is in war. Everyone says that the Empire conquered and occupied Rayot, like Calcurnia Forest.