Long ago in the Kingdom of Snow Whites father there was another small homeland of dwarfs in Northrumbia ,mighty and noble people they lived under King Magnus until darkness dint came in form of Oueen Ravenna her army burned and killde villages of dwarfs.Many years passed after Evil Oueen was deafetad by Snow White and destroyded by Huntsman forewer but 7 dwarfs seeked to reclaim there homeland from firebreathing dragon,Eric asembled company of 7 dwarfs ;Sara and himself and so they went to reaclamin the home of dwarfs frou many dangerous such as frou the forest were werwolfs lived ,ungoliant spiders and Ogere Molgurath freacome leader of goblins who hunts them down for destruction of both Freya and Ravenna on there journey.The company finaly arrives near the end of the forest close to the borders of northrumbia but aare also aproached by Balthazar one of 3 apreantices of Great Wizard Merlin who seeks also in dwarfs homeland a rear book of Merlin callde Book of Monsters.But Balthazar also knows that book contains knowledege of Ancient BlackGod.The dragon in those minse now full of golde and treasure was ,Eric knows the dragon will sense there smell so he asks of Balthazar to give them so kind of spell that for dragons nose they are invisibel they enter the minse but the dragon awakens and blasts fire upon them they go to the forges were they battle dragon and kildel it.After men and dwarfs near Northrumbia came happy that dragon is dead and so Eric send message through

pigeon to Snow that they have reclaimd dwarfs kingdom and that Molgurath with his goblin army is coming.And so Oueen Snow with William came with her army united with Erics before the gates of mines the Final Battle began with Molgurath killing Willam and then trying to get through Snow army and finaly killing her to throughchest after seeing this Eric in vengance slew many goblins to final confront and battle in combat Molgurath after slicing ogerers right hand and killing him from chest.The battle was won but with great price but in honor of Snow White and Willam ,Eric took the leadership of Snow whites kingdom and beacem King Eric the Great with his Oueen Sara they are both direct ancestrors of princess Isabelas and Jacks children,wich then one of soldiers comes with urgent news to King Eric that Giants are attacking Merica wich leads us to Jack the Giant Slayer events movie.